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Mil-Arc 73

All position extra low hydrogen for welding difficult to weld steels high in sulfer and phosphorous. etc.

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  • All position
  • Easy strike low hydrogen
  • Moisture resistant
  • Excellent subzero properties
  • X-ray quality deposits
  • Machinable
  • Noncontuctive flux
  • Strong arc drive


  • Versitile, user friendly
  • Less stub / electrode loss
  • Extended shelf life, leak proof welds
  • Impact, crack resistant in cold working conditions
  • Produces sound, dense, porosity free welds
  • Good overlay for mild and low alloy steels
  • Excellent for tight tolerances, no undercut
  • Superior weld puddle visibility, no slag entrapment


Mil-Arc 73 is a superior extra low hyrdrogen electrode that operates at a lower amperage. It is ideal for steels sensitive to cracking when welded with conventional mild steel electrodes. The deposits are ferritic and are heat treatable. Mil-Arc 73 has good strength and toughness that makes it perfect for weld joints subject to high stress and strain. Some of the applications include: pipe, angle iron, H and I beams, cold and hot rolled steels, construction grade steels. Mil-Arc 73 is a low cost electrode for fabrication and maintenance repair welding even when the surface is less than ideal. Mil-Arc 73 is best suited for 3/8" thick steel and thicker that contains 30 points of carbon or less. Try our Mil-Mig 713 dual shield wire for your continuous wire needs.


Maintain a close arc perpendicular to the surface with approximately a 60 degree lead angle. When welding vertical up, use a rapid weave technique and do not whip. Use a drag technique to weld horizontal fillets. You should keep amperage as low as possible that will maintain a smooth, consistent arc. Bevel heavy sections. Use stringer beads. For hardened and thick steels including large sections, preheat should be used to prevent the formation of hard heat-affected zones and eliminate tendencies toward quench cracking when cooling.


Tensile strength: up to 85,000 psi
Yield strength: up to 77,800 psi
Elongation: 29%

Current and Polarity: AC/DCEP (+)
Part #DiameterAmperage
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