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Mil-Braze 630

For brazing all ferrous metals and copper based alloys in similar and dissimilar combinations.

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  • Silver content aids wetting
  • Very high strength
  • Short plastic range
  • Flame shapable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wear and shock resistant
  • Easy to machine, non-peeling
  • Moisture resistant


  • Thin flowing, capilary action
  • Stronger than silver solder and general welding
  • Solidifies fast to fill voids and buildup
  • Superb welder appeal / time saver
  • Good choice for many chemical exposures
  • Durable and tough with excellent friction resistance
  • Excellent for metal-to-metal wear applictions
  • Durable flux coating extends shelf-life


Mil-Braze 630 is a nickel-silver alloy that offers great strength and toughness. The alloying ingredient penetrates the grain boundaries of steel and many refractory metals, including tungsten carbide making this alloy stronger than fusion welding and conventional brazing alloys. As a silver solder substitute, Mil-Braze 630 has a very good shear strength. Secure joints are formed with as little as a .003" lapp or butt joint. Some of the applications include: the fabrication and / or repair of tooling, tubing, sheet metal, cast iron, cast steel, inconels, and many copper based alloys. Mil-Braze 630 offers a high coefficient of friction resistance making it great for worn shaft repair, buildup on gear teeth and housings, and re-sizing journals.


Clean surface thoroughly and apply 630F flux to large joints and surfaces to be covered with Mil-Braze 630. To sweat a small or tight joint, heat entire joint until it's dull red. Allow flux to wash over joint to aid in product flow throughout joint and to prevent oxidation from occuring on joint while heating. Apply Mil-Braze 630 to lead edge of joint. Using a lead angle and working from the inner cone of the flame, travel until the surface is red, apply product one drop at a time and push product forward. Always tint entire surface to be covered prior to building up the surface. Once layers have been applied, sweat the seams of the layers together by traveling over the seams using the inner cone of the flame.


Tensile strength: up to 113,000 psi
Hardness: HB 135

Flame type: Neutral
Melting temperature: 1575 F
Part #Diameter

Flux used: 630F

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