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Mil-Mig 700

Copper cladded, high manganese carbon steel wire for welding dirty, rusty, heavy mill scale & galvanized steel

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  • All position, fast freeze deposit
  • Smooth spray transfer
  • Excellent subzero properties
  • X-ray quality deposits
  • Strong arc drive


  • Superb welder appeal, very versitile
  • High deposit rate with a smooth, flat bead
  • Superior CVN toughness in cold working conditions
  • Produces sound, dense, porosity free weld
  • Superior weld puddle visibility, welds through rust and mill scale with no slag entrapment


Mil-Mig 700 is a solid steel, copper cladded continuous wire that produces excellent appearing welds over a wide range of welding parameters. Mil-Mig 700 features a perfected manganese to silicon ratio making it suitable for welding over moderate amounts of rust and scale. It is designed for welding mild, low and medium carbon, and low alloy steels. Applications include: fabrication and repair of heavy equipment, farm implements, railcars, truck trailers, H and I beams, cold and hot rolled steels, and general welding. Mil-Mig 700 produces excellent mechanical properties even when the weld surface is less than ideal. Try our Mil-Tig 720 cut length wire for (GTAW) tig welding.


Mil-Mig 700 requires either 100% CO2 or to enhance the welding characteristics the use of 70%-80% Ar/balance CO2 will increase wetting action, lower penetration, and offer a smoother metal transfer. When using an Ar/CO2 mixture, voltage should be reduced by 1 to 1.5 volts. If a spray arc metal transfer is preferred, typically the voltage will need to be increased by 50% and the inches/minute doubled. For hardened and large, thick sections, preheat should be used to prevent the formation of harden (HAZ) heat-affected zones and eliminate tendencies toward quench cracking when cooling.


Tensile strength: up to 83,260 psi
Yield strength: up to 66,800 psi
Elongation: 29%
CVN @ -20F: 62 ft/lbs

Current and Polarity: DCEP (+)
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