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For cutting, gouging, chamfering, and piercing all metals except for magnesium. Airless and no special equipment needed.

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  • All position
  • Easy strike and restrike
  • Strong arc force
  • Airless
  • Will not overheat
  • Bevels "U" shaped groove
  • Nonconductive flux
  • Fast and easy


  • Versitile
  • Less stub / electrode loss
  • Removes metal quickly which can save time and money
  • No additional equipment needed
  • Withstands high temperatures, adds some preheat
  • Helps eliminate stress in the weld repair
  • Little to no carbon deposits from usage
  • Quicker than a grinder or drill bit for many jobs


Mil-Prep will cut metals that cannot be cut with a torch including cast iron, stainless steel, and hardfacing. The extremely low carbon content transferred from using Mil-Prep helps prevent carbide precipitation, embrittlement, or cracking which can be caused by carbon absorption. Mil-Prep operates without the need for compressed air (although can be used in an air arc stinger) and is a much quieter operation. In most cases, after using Mil-Prep, the surfaces are sealed off from base metal contamination and require only a wire brush to finish the preparation prior to welding. Some of the applications include: cast iron housing, pumps, bearing races, axle housing, pressure vessels, stainless steel structures, and cutting: bolts, chains, and springs.


Operate the electrode perpendicular to the surface and push through a piece of metal to pierce. You can oscillate the electrode to widen the pierced hole. Using Mil-Prep at approximately a 5 to 7 degree angle, pushing it on contact, of the surface will gouge out the base metal in front of the arc cleanly. When chamfering an edge, hold Mil-Prep at the desired angle and work the electrode in a saw motion to remove metal. When cutting off a section is required, strike the electrode at the edge, perpendicular to the surface, and with a saw motion, work across the surface.


Current and Polarity: AC/DCEN (-)
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