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Mil-Arc 13

Hardfacing electrode for heavy abrasion and moderate to low impact of all ferrous metals.

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  • All position
  • Easy strike electrode
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Low spatter and fuming
  • Resist scale, corrosion, erosion
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Resists moderate impact
  • Ultra smooth bead
  • Holds hardness up to 1300 F
  • Fast transfer, less slag


  • Versitile with the use of small diameters
  • Less sub / electrode loss
  • Ultimate resistance to fine particle (cutting abrasion)
  • Less cleanup / good weldor appeal
  • Extended life of the weld
  • Maximizes wear life and extends rebuild cycles
  • Added toughness from alloying elements
  • Less drag, longer life of this high chrome carbide
  • Great choice for elevated temperature applications
  • Higher deposit rate per pound than the competition


Mil-Arc 13 is a high chrome carbide hardfacing electrode that forms ultra smooth deposits for extended wear life. With the extra alloying ingredients and grain tighteners, Mil-Arc 13 gives you a hard and tough deposit that will withstand an impact. The extremely low coefficient of friction is what allows the abrasive media to slide over the surface. Some of the applications include: coke pusher shoes, muller plows and tires, foundry sand equipment, hot roller dies, pug mill knives, tamper feet, shredder knives, augers, screws, scrapers, shovels, crusher rolls, chutes, conveyor flights, exhaust fan blades, plow shoes, etc. Mil-Arc 13 can be used in almost any application within the earth-moving industries. Mil-Arc 13 is design for a two pass maximum build, but it can be inner-alloyed with Mil-Arc 56. You can also use it as a hardfacing cap over Mil-Arc 50 or Mil-Arc 54. Consider Mil-Mig 113 for your continuous wire needs.


Mil-Arc 13 operates best using DCEP, although it runs smoothly on AC. Prepare the surface by removing any damaged and fatigued metal. You should keep amperage as low as possible that will maintain a smooth, consistent arc. Use stringer beads. For high alloys and heavy sections, preheat as per base metal recommendations.


Deposit and hardness: 57 RC

Current and Polarity: AC/DCEP (+)
Part #DiameterAmperage
SMAW Hardface

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