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Mil-Arc 54

For fast build up on austenitic manganese, all carbon, and low alloy steels.

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  • Fast build up
  • Easy strike and restrike
  • Runs on contact
  • Low spatter and fuming
  • High profile bead
  • Wear and shock resistant
  • Excellent underlayment
  • Spray-transfer arc
  • Ultra smooth bead
  • Moisture resistant


  • Reduce weld time
  • Less stub / electrode loss
  • User friendly
  • Good weldor appeal
  • Excellent visability of weld formation
  • Withstand high compression loads
  • Can hardface over deposit
  • Reduces base-metal heat buildup
  • Less grinding after the weld
  • Extended shelf-life


Mil-Arc 54 is an excellent buildup alloy with high levels of chrome and manganese to provide extreme impact and moderate abrasion resistance on austenitic manganese steels. It operates in all positions when using 1/8-inch diameter and has little spatter. The deposit hardness is 16-19 RC and it rapidly work-hardens up to 48 RC. Mil-Arc 54 is your best choice for compressive load applications like manganese frog and switch point repair for the railroad industry. Other applications include bucket teeth, hammers, grousers, grisly bars, crusher: jaws, cones, and liners; and almost any application that suffers the effects of high impact. Multiple passes of Mil-Arc 54 will buildup fast and the deposit will not wash-down. Mil-Arc 54 can be used as an underlayment prior to hardfacing with Mil-Arc 13. When a continuous wire is needed, use Mil-Mig 514 with Mil-Mig 113.


Use Mil-Prep gouging and chamfering electrode to remove fatigued metal. Grind away any carbon deposits. Bevel heavy sections. Use Mil-Arc 64 to seal cracks. While using Mil-Arc 54, Maintain a short arc gap and use stringer beads. You should keep amperage as low as possible that will maintain a smooth, consistent arc. When welding on 11%-14% manganese steel, do not exceed 600 F interpass temperature. Pause and quench with water or air until under the interpass temperature.


Tensile strength: up to 118,000 psi
Deposit Hardness: 16-19 RC
Work-Hardens: up to 48 RC

Current and Polarity: AC/DCEP (+)
Part #DiameterAmperage
SMAW Nickel

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