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Mil-Arc 22

For welding all weldable grades of cast iron and cast iron to steel. Maximum Machinability.

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  • All position
  • Very easy strike and restrike
  • No hard spots, easily filed
  • Low spatter and fuming
  • Very soft stable arc
  • Pure nickel core wire
  • No undercut from arc
  • Fast buildup
  • Ultra smooth bead


  • Versitile
  • Less stub / electrode loss
  • Potential tooling & labor cost saving to machine
  • Less cleanup / user friendly
  • Excellent fusion to surface, min. base-metal dilution
  • Softest deposit available, maximum machinable
  • No additional welds or machining needed, save $
  • Excellent for cladding, filling holes
  • Cosmetically appealing


Mil-Arc 22 is a soft arc, high nickel alloy that offers maximum machinability on many grades of cast iron and cast to steel. Mil-Arc 22 can be used on ferrous and nonferrous metals, except aluminum alloys, for cladding to resist corrosion. Use Mil-Arc 22 to fill holes, overlay surfaces, weld cracks on crack-sensitive castings, etc. These features, along with not needing to preheat the majority of repair applications, allows you to make the repair in place without dismantling the equipment. The deposit has superior machinability when running at least two passes over the application. Note: The first pass of any weld filler will have some amount of base metal dilution. Applying at least a second pass over the first will dilute any hard spots which will increase the machinability of the deposit. Try our Mil-Mig 202 continuous wire and our Mil-Tig 222 for your other applications.


Use Mil-Prep beveling and piercing electrode to remove cracks and fatigued metal. Drill or pierce holes into casting at the end of cracks. If necessary, use a low resin grinding wheel and wire brush to finish the preparation. Apply deposit using a short arc and stringer beads, skip weld and peen lightly. Keep heat input on small, thin sections at a "hands-on" temperature. Pause and let slow cool to prevent overheating. For heavy sections, preheat to 500 F and maintain temperature within a 50 F degree radius until finished. Then, slow cool within a confined ambient temperature area.


Tensile strength: up to 50,000 psi
Hardness: HB 140

Current and Polarity: AC/DCEP (+)
Part #DiameterAmperage
SMAW Nickel

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