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Mil-Arc 28

Superior tri-metal electrode for welding all weldable grades of cast iron and cast iron to steel. High strength, Machinable

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  • All position
  • Easy strike and restrike
  • Will not overheat, even on AC
  • Virtually no spatter, low fuming
  • Heavy "copper" cladded core
  • Stable, strong, non-surging arc
  • Welds dissimilar metals
  • Welds through contaminants
  • Superior strength and durability


  • Versatile
  • Less stub / electrode loss
  • Consistant arc, no surging or spalling of electrode
  • Less cleanup / user friendly
  • Better filler conductivity & fusion, less heat input
  • Excellent arc control and weld pool visability
  • Welds to ferrous & many nonferrous metals
  • Offers porosity free deposit on poor casting
  • Strong yet machinable, crack-resistant deposits


Mil-Arc 28 is the best choice to weld high tensile nodular and ductile iron castings to themselves or to malleable iron, and steel. The "tri-metal" copper cladded core wire offers the electrode the ability to operate at less amperage per diameter and eliminate the chance of an electrode overheating. Mil-Arc 28 has a strong arc drive that offers a sound deposit even through most dirty, oil-soaked castings. These features, along with not needing to preheat the majority of the repair applications, allows you to make many repairs in place without dismantling the equipment. The deposit has a very good machinability when running at least two passes over the application. Mil-Arc 28 is an excellent choice for repairing locomotive and heavy equipment engine and transmission casings, machine bases, pump housings, valves, etc. Mil-Arc 28 also offers a fast deposit rate and a quick buildup rate for worn parts.


Use Mil-Prep beveling and piercing electrode to remove cracks and fatigued metal. Drill or pierce holes into casting at the end of all cracks. If necessary, use a low resin grinding wheel and wire brush to finish the preparation. Apply deposit using a medium arc and stringer beads, skip weld and peen lightly. Keep heat input on small, thin sections at a "hands-on" temperature. Pause and let slow cool to prevent overheating. For heavy sections, preheat to 500 F and maintain temperature within a 50 F degree radius until finished and then slow cool within a confined ambient temperature area.


Tensile strength: up to 82,400 psi
Elongation: 20%
Hardness: HB 180

Current and Polarity: AC/DCEP (+)
Part #DiameterAmperage
SMAW Nickel

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